A wide-reaching group

Join the group now and get a full range of benefits to improve your profitability.


Like in a real toolbox:

Find all the tools you are looking for when you need it. Get exclusive promotions, rebate programs and new trends all in one place. Join the group that suits the needs of your business.


Is the largest group in terms of number across Canada. TAG program is easy to access; no major requirements needed. It offers several benefits that fits your business profile.


SUPERMICRO was the first group created at SMCORP. Resellers having high volume of operations with our partners are allowed to join this category. Get higher volume discount all through the year and increase your annual refund.


ALLIANCE include groups of IT franchising. This organization allows you to enjoy the benefits of SMCORP while retaining your franchising entitlement. The best of both worlds.

Our mission

We are constantly working at detecting trends in the industry so that our members can be far ahead of competition. Our network of business is in full growth and associate plenty of members, providing them higher profits and exceptional savings.

Our goal is to build powerfull relationships between our members and our partners to face challenges in marketing. By working together, our members benefit the effectiveness of each others. Open up yourself to discover new aspirations.

A Constantly Evolving Market

Technologies are not flawless and ask us to bring new solutions to the evolution. To keep yourself on the cutting edge and stand out of the competition, it’s important to look for the updates in the market. With SMCORP, you can get access to all the new trends. We offer specialized training and interactive webinars that can be useful for your business.


1. A flexible environment

SMCORP values the right to privacy and gives you the choice to reveal your membership.

2. The experience

With specialized computer skills and expertise, SMCORP is becoming a dominant organization across Canada.

3. Innovation

We live life in the fast lane with the technology. We will make you explore various ways to accomplish your projects more easily.


TAG places

More than 50 business partners

The hard work of our team allows us to create lasting relationships between our members and all major partners in IT. Our complicity with the most important manufacturers and distributors has led to unparalleled agreements within the group. In 2019, we are now counting more then 50 partners offering more opportunities for our merchants.

A dynamic team

Spreading its resources across Canada, SMCORP has been an IT leader for more than 26 years. We are always ready to pay attention to your needs. Contact us and let us find the solution.