Effective tools

We are constantly developing managed services for websites, administration and marketing.


Cutting-edge solutions

We offer business solutions fitting the needs of our merchants in an ever more flexible environment. Focusing on communication and exchanges between members, SMCORP is the link to improve IT business. In one place, find all the benefits you are looking for.

The SMCORP Intranet

Your membership gives you full access to the SMCORP intranet. This portal is a source of information constantly updated. It puts at your disposal the exclusives offer by our partners and much more.

SMCORP newsletter

Our marketing team is in constant communication with our partners. During the month, we provide you with the latest news from manufacturers: training, price list, promotions, webinars, contests, events, etc.

The Intermember Program

In this program, you will discover a wide range of solutions to meet the needs of your customers. When your customers need a job at a too far distacnce or if you do not have the required certification, you will find in the intermember program a certified technician who will do it for you. Members can participate and post their certifications. Rates will be established for this purpose for satisfy both companies. By dint of the Intermember:


Collaboration = Effectiveness